We have made new initiatives at Jakobsen surface grinders

Retro Line

Our new series Retro Line is a concept that is built around the traditional craftmanship and quality that Jakobsen surface grinder is known for since its beginning in 1942. Combined with the newest technology you will get a surface grinder that has adapted to the modern production company.

The project is about renovating the old machines, so that they can be recycled and gain a new life cycle.

This Solution makes it possible for you to upgrade your current surface grinder to a Retro Line model. This way you can continue with a recognizable machine, without having to spend time training the employee, who uses the grinder daily.

In addition, Retro Line is also available in a completely new model called New Line, with a design resembling the older models.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Profitable machine investment
  • Optimal use of the machine
  • Fast delivery from stock
  • Operator friendly

We can also offer to take your used machine in exchange. The advantages with this solution are the very short downtime / waiting time to get the machine back.

With Retro Line we can offer you:

  1. Upcycling of surface grinder
  2. New surface grinders on stock
  3. Leasing a Jakobsen surface grinder

Contact us on tel. +45 36776222 or by email to jens@jakobsen-dk.dk

Retro Line after refurbishment
SJ 12 before refurbishment
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