Renovation of SJ824 surface grinder

Renovation that pays off

We have had the pleasure of renovating a Jakobsen SJ824 surface grinder.

The surface grinder has been through the following assignments:

  • Dismantling of the machine
  • Cleaning og the entire machine including small parts
  • Replacement of gaskets in the cylinder in the X-axis
  • Replacement of gaskets in the cylinder in the Z-axis
  • Replacement of gaskets in dresser
  • Replacement of spindle bearings
  • Replacement of Y-axis bearings and adjustment
  • Replacement of various filters
  • Replacement of gaskets in the lubricating pump
  • Replacement of lubrication hoses
  • Replacement of defective hydraulic hoses
  • Geometrical scraping of Z-axis
  • Geometrical scraping of X-axis
  • Replacement of controls
  • Testing of various print plus REP
  • Replacement of cable guides
  • Grinding of table
  • Grinding of magnetic chuck
  • Testing and adjustment of the machine

The Jakobsen SJ824 surface grinder has returned to the customer, who is happy to be able to use the machine again.

Renovation can often extend the longevity of machines, and our customers can therefore safely keep their production going.

See the renovation process in the video.

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Before renovation
After renovation
Renovation of SJ824 surface grinder
Afspil video