Complete renovation of Jakobsen SJ1032

As good as new again!

We have taken this Jakobsen surface grinder SJ1032 sn 4027 in exchange for a customer, who in return got a complete renovated machine from us.

Our customer avoided long down time and we gained a new exciting renovation project at our workshop.

The Jakobsen surface grinder that you see here, is from 1989 and has been through a complete renovation.

A complete renovation contains following points:

  • Dismantling of the machine
  • Cleaning of all parts
  • Replacement of gaskets
  • Replacement of spindle bearings
  • Replacement Y-axis bearings and adjustment
  • Replacement of filters
  • Replacement of lubrication hoses
  • Replacement of defective hydraulic hoses
  • Geometrical scraping of Z and X-axis
  • The machine complies with DIN 8632
  • Replacement of controls
  • Testing of various prints and repair
  • Replacement of cable guides
  • Grinding of table magnetic chuck and machine bed
  • Scraping of machine bed, saddle and table
  • Testing and adjustment of the machine

The Surface grinder is now ready to go to the right workshop, is that with you go to the right workshop, is that with you?

Watch a short video of the renovation process.

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Before renovation
After renovation
Afspil video