Rolls-Royce Marine

Exchanging machine for a retrofit

Rolls-Royce Marine from Aalborg have used their Jakobsen surface grinder for many years.

After many years of intense use, it was time to either renovate or completely replace the old Jakobsen surface grinder. After a meeting, we (Rolls-Royce marine and Jakobsen ed.) Agreed that the optimal solution for them, was to exchange their old surface grinder for a Retrofitted Machine from Jakobsen surface grinder.

We delivered the “new” machine and at the same time, we took the old machine back to our workshop to be renovated.

The result is a newly renovated machine that is freshly painted and completely functional in record time.

Their old machine is hereafter disassembled, cleaned, and renovated so it is ready for the next customer who wishes a used but refurbished machine.

The advantage of this solution is the extremely short waiting period on a used machine, rather than having your own machine renovated.

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Before renovation
After renovation
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