Upgrading of control

From drilling to grinding machine

Should or Shouldn’t. This was a dilemma a Norwegian machine factory making and repairing large offshore valves and other heavy equipment for the oil industry, as their Schiess Froriep FB180 drilling mill from 1986 could no longer lift the tasks. Instead of buying a new machine for a double-digit million figure, they contacted Bast & Co and were offered a total renovation. That expense was also in the million class, yet the Norwegian machine factory saved a double-digit million amount on remodeling instead of buying a new. A similar machine of this size is not on the market at all, so the circular solution was obvious – especially because the newly refurbished machine works faster than the old one. This means that the renovation is financing itself. And the machine factory is now able to deliver the critical parts produced to the offshore industry faster than before. This is important in a world where downtime in production can be very costly.

When the drill milling machine is finished, it has:

  • Customized management system
  • New main spindle
  • New Quill
  • New tool pull system
  • Ram integration

And much more.

Are you interested in a similar project or does your machine need new control?

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Before renovation of drilling machine
Under renovation
After renovation grinding machine

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