Our mission and vision


Our mission is, to be an attractive supplier, of technical service, who delivers products of high quality and still being cost-effective.

-Being attractive

We aim to be our existing and new customers, preferred supplier, through advising and developing new methodes for servicing their production facilities.

-Delivering high quality

We aim to deliver products for our customers, of the right quality at the right time at the rigt price.

-Being cost-effective

We want to achieve a satifactory economical result, through dedicated employees. efficient solving of projects and keeping wasted time at a minimum.


Our customers, will see BastCnc. as a strong partner, who is up at the front in the areas of our core compenteces, and will keep us a preferred supplier.

Our employees shall have the feeling and experience, that BastCnc is an exiting place to be, where there are lots of opportunities, for developing new skills.

Our business gives a satisfactory added value, which is optimized through our organisation. and regulated after our markets.

Recent projects