New Heidenhain control

Upgrading of machine tool control

Anayak HVM-3300 from 1990 has had its control system replaced. Previously, it had a simple cnc Fanuc control, where the machine had a function where it could rotate its vertical head, but it could later the machine could not compensate for the fanuc control anymore. The other reason for the replacement of the controller was that it had reached an age where the electronic components were defective.

It is a matter of assessment on the part of the customer as it could well have been replaced, but here the customer must assess whether it can pay in terms of budget, installation, purchase of new tools, foundations for the machine etc. This is where we at Bast & Co is using our competencies to help with this process as we can help assess if it is the right investment for the customer.

In this project we have replaced the simple fanuc control with a new Heidenhain control system, which can, among other things, compensate for turning the vertical head. With the Heidenhain system, the customer has been given advanced machining cycles for, among other things, the rotation of the coordinate system.

This has been a special task because we here in the house have been able to offer the customer a total solution for the repair of the mechanical and electrical parts.

In addition to the replacement of the control system, we have also performed a mechanical repair, including:

  • Renovation of spindle on X and Y axis
  • Bullets and bearings have been replaced
  • Spindle bearing blocks.
  • Measurement of rails and sleds
  • Vertical head input shaft repair

Instead of sending your old industrial machines to scrap, updating and renovating an existing machine can be a sensible economic and sustainable choice.

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Before renovation
Under renovation
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