Retrofit of ORT Thread Rolling Machine

Renewed through retrofit

This ORT Thread Roller has been through a retrofit. When the customer came to us, they needed to upgrade the machine to meet their new needs, as well as extend the life of the machine. Together with the customer, we found the right solution.   The ORT rolling machine has been reviewed as follows:

  • Disassembly of all parts
  • Cleaning and checking of all dismantled parts
  • Measuring, manufacturing and mounting of new spacer rings in the gearbox
  • Replacing the bearings and spindle
  • Measuring, manufacturing and assembly of new spacer rings in spindles
  • Repair of bedways and sledges for wood rollers
  • Manufacture of new wedges
  • Scrapping of sledges and bedways
  • Replacement of all bearings of the universal joint
  • Replacement of bearings in 3 pcs. engines
  • Replacement of all hydraulic hoses
  • Replacment of defective electrical cables
  • Coating

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Before renovation
During renovation
After renovation

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