Repair on a B-axis spindle

Okuma Multus B750 Lathe

Our spindle specialist, has had an exciting repair process on this B-axis spindle.

We have done the following to the spindle:

  • Refurbished tool clamp cylinder and spindle clamp cylinder
  • Replacement and adjustment of spindle bearings
  • Removal of B-axis housing, engine, INA bearing, worm and milling
  • Repair of pin holes for millet teeth
  • Adapted spacer rings in worm drives for equalization of veils
  • Custom worm gear for worm gear equalization
  • Preparation for spindle assembly
  • Adjusted spindle clamp and ATC position
  • Measured spindle (cast 0.006 / 300mm) (Direction 0.005 / 300mm)
  • Measured and adjusted Z-turning point and X-displacement on B-axis
  • Measured as well as zero point adjustment
  • Trial run

The project is finished and our technician has been in Norway to mounted the spindle in the lathe.

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