Danfoss Poland - Overhaul of Studer

Bast & Co. are specialsts in the area of repair, overhaul and maintenance on production and tooling machines. Being one of Bast & Co. core compentencies, we are capable of doing overhaul on machines, with a high accuracy.

The world wide known, danish company Danfoss, are aware of this. This has resulted in an increasing number of machines, from Danfoss being overhauled by Bast & Co, this to ensure a stable and high quality on Danfoss work pieces.

But it is not only quality which is a focal point for Danfoss. Security of supply and price on overhaul is also important parameters. Out of these reasons, Danfoss has decided to overhaul some of their machines from both Denmark and Poland at Bast & Co.

Latest project, performed for Danfoss, is overhaul of cylindrical grinder for factory in Poland.

Machine was shipped out from Poland to Bast & Co. Machine was then completely disassembled, and cleaned. After cleaning, machine was painted in colour decided by Danfoss. During this, parts which were not going to be painted, were being repaired by technician.

When parts are returned after painting, machine was reassembled. Machine was realigned geometrical. First test run performed by technicians. Pre acceptance was performed hare in cooperation with Danfoss emplyees, after acceptance machine was shipped back to Poland and reinstalled in production.

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After renovation
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