Repair and overhaul

Jakobsen Surface Grinder perform overhaul, better solution

It is usually much cheaper, and often better substantial, to repair or do overhaul on existing machines, instead of investing in new ones. This is due to the fact, operators are familiar with machines, and therefore know expected performance and quality delivered by these. Furthermore training of operators are kept at a minimum.

At Jakobsen Surface Grinder we have developed a restoration technique, that makes it much faster, thus cheaper, for customers to get their machines refurbished / overhauled. Due to time being an essence in our work, we do manufacture a great deal of parts being used during repairs and overhauls.

At Jakobsen Surface Grinder we aim to take the utmost care of each customer. We offer fixed tender, firm commitments and deadlines, depending on customer needs. We aim for the fastest possible delivery, to minimize loss and running costs.

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