Spindle repair

All spindles are repaired by specially trained technicians with strong professional competencies in our own bearing lab. Our high-tech measuring equipment, are used to repairing, renovating and testing your spindle correctly, before it is mounted in your machine.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to receive a report with control elements, which provides you with an extra certainty of the quality of your spindle. NB – this must be agreed on at the ordering.

A spindle repair often involves:

  • Checkup on tolerances on shaft, distance bushes and in housings
  • Bearings are heated through induction and demagnetised before mounting
  • The bearings are lubricated with grease and thourougly tested
Want to avoid great injuries on your spindle?
Our testing equipment is capable of detecting, unwanted heating and collecting of data on stote of gear wheels and bearings.
You can therefore often settle for a balancing.

Do you have a spindle, that needs a loving hand, then we have the tools. Contact us on tel. +4575857366 or by e-mail service@bastogco.dk

Reparation og vedligehold af bearbejdnings maskiner
"Spindle repairs vary from assignment
to assignment, which has strengthened
my competencies within the field,
for the last 5 years."
Ole Christiansen
Spindle technician