Reconstruction / Upcycling

The possibilities of reconstructing or upcycling your machines are numerous.

  • Adjustment of new processing tools
  • Grinders – multi tool machines
  • Drilling machines for grinders
  • Manually to CNC driven machine

And a lot of other possibilites, within reconstruction and upcycling.

Do you have a drilling machine, processing machine, grinder or another type of machine, that you would like to upgrade to meet your needs? 

We would like to be your creative collaborator during a reconstruction process, and simultaneously make your company competitive and save costs by keeping your current machine.

Let us help you with the reconstruction of your machine. Contact us on tel. +45 75857366 or by e-mail

Reconstruction of 10 ton drilling machine
"The many different assignments we get,
requires a broad range of competencies,
which we are happy to offer our clients."
Jens Hansen